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It would be good if there were different dialogue for the salesman if you died no times


really liked this great job dud



Hi, I'm using a screen reader, and if I press space or enter on a choice such as prospecter, it sometimes shows me another choice such as bandit. Right now, if I click one choice it seems to be randomly selecting another one, so I haven't even been able to examine the Drifter background yet. For context, there's a twine game called the Tree That Touched the Moon, which has some accessibility features implemented. It uses traditional buttons that a screen reader user can click. A lot of these are also accessible using the tab key, but I think it still has some visual art as well. I'm intrigued by this game because of the sound effects as well. I've noticed that the download now just says sound effects attribution and doesn't seem to link to any zip file at the moment, but the game does run in the browser. It isn't a browser issue, because the game runs fine. It's a twine and screen readers issue that will ned to be looked into, but the good thing is this can be solved, as I've seen it actually happen. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi jukesy,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. This was my first ever Twine game that I released quite some time ago - I've since switched computers a few times and I'm not 100% sure where the file still lives, though I may be able to scrounge it up. That said, if it's an issue wjth how I coded the game I don't know if I have the coding skills to fix it.

With that said, I'm very active in the Twine community, and if this is an issue with Twine itself it merits fixing. I'll do some asking around to see if I can get this fixed - thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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I love how you added writing for backtracking! I love how everything ties together as well; it feels very natural and adds to the immersion


Lots of great writing with lots of character and charm; The choice at the start actually matters too and I love it!

Just played through second time (after realizing I had to CLICK the gun to shoot near the end of the first one) and I'm loving the genocide route so far

Wow, the amount of variety from each starting character is amazing

Still can't find the SOldier's skeleton

Still could guess what the code was! (Took me a bit to realize there was a code input on the title menu haha)

Wow, that took a while but I sold all of my oil and unlocked the secret!!

This game is amazing!! So much detail and passion!! Still haven't figured out the deal with the ship or found the soldier's note,but amazing!!

Just found the tripwire!


glad you liked it! This was my "scope creep" project and I was lucky to finish it.  Thanks for going through and finding all the minutia!

4. If you shoot three times in succession starting in the bar, there is no drunk that shows up to continue get the information from the bar another way

There are some issues with the game:

1. You can only get the dialogue about having shot up the place if you shoot up the place before the deal with the demon.

2. If you throw your gun at the person and hit him, the game will react like you shot the person

3. If you shoot the grandmother and do the deal with the demon, she is still there waiting at the junk yard waiting to shoot you despite being dead


This is a cute little adventure. Interested to go back and see how the other backgrounds play out (and trying my gun in more places!)

One thing I noticed is that, in order to buy the book from the shopkeeper, you can only have ONE coin in your inventory. If you have two coins, you can only respond that you have no money. 


Dangit, I was trying to figure out how to repro that one. Thank you, will see if I can't fix this.

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Try using Sugarcube 2, man. You can build more complex games with that story format.