Update #5 - Second Ending, Secrets, Prologue, and Steam release

Hello. We are pleased to announce that the content update for A Place, Forbidden, which we've been working feverishly on since February, is finally complete.

The game now contains a second ending, a variety of secrets, and an updated main menu that also includes the original demo as an additional "Prologue" that can be played without downloading any separate files. There are a wide variety of small fixes and changes as well, and we hope these will improve your gameplay experience.

We've also released A Place, Forbidden, on Steam, where it remains free: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1333920/A_Place_Forbidden/

We of the A Place, Forbidden team have been immensely humbled by the positive reception our game has had. Working on this game has been an intense learning experience, but an immensely valuable one. Though we've said it before, thank you very much for playing and supporting us. We hope to have many other hair-raising projects available for you in the future.


A Place, Forbidden - WIN.zip 290 MB
Jun 25, 2020

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