Update #2

We've just released a bugfixing/Quality-of-life update for A Place, Forbidden. We hope you enjoy our update.

New Features:
-Fancy new animations for our lockboxes

-Key rebindings (Turns out people like being able to customize their controls. Who could have guessed?)

-Impeccable new UI sounds (prepare for button noises the likes of which you have never heard before)

-New dripping blood particles (For Authentic Damp Horror (tm) feel!)


-Fixed typo in second safe puzzle

-Made hint text clearer

-Fixed many sounds not properly adjusting with sound sliders

-adjusted safe tablet functionality

-Removed globe's aspirations of learning to fly

-Improved clock readability

-Fixed bugged interaction with room 2 window after inspecting phone

-Fixed certain issues with the crosshair

-Updated credits

-Fixed sometimes-blurry readable book background


A Place, Forbidden.zip 270 MB
May 19, 2020

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