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"Sometimes, even the most milquetoast of backdrops provide a stage for unspeakable horrors to emerge from the shadowy depths."


The Library of Ouroboros. It exists in many places at once - and none of them at all. Few claim to have seen it. All who have speak of vast tracts of tomes, each alone containing knowledge powerful - and horrible - enough to transform a person into something beyond mortality. None who speak its name are entirely sound of mind.

After years of searching, of plumbing forgotten tomes in dusty, black places, you've finally found it. Strange, though - in the end it was almost too easy to enter...

This game takes place in the same Library as A Place, Forbidden, but features unique puzzles and its own story.


There is reading in this game. You might not have to read to solve some of the puzzles, but it'll make your life a lot easier.

  • WASD to move
  • F for Flashlight
  • CTRL to Crouch
  • Left click/E to interact
  • ESC to open menu

  • Conor Walsh, Writing and Design
  • Dennis Müller, Scripting and Design
  • Papi, 3D Modeling and Materials (ARTSTATION)


A Place, Forbidden Demo - WIN.zip 133 MB

Install instructions

Download the attached file and play the .exe named "Ouroboros".

Development log


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Fun game. I'm going to play the full version next. THANK YOU.


I loved the game. It was well put together and the storyline was easy to follow. The atmosphere was very creepy and I enjoyed it. I will link my gameplay below if you are interested. 

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Its just staying on the open book no menu or anything

Is there anyway to fix this?

I've never quite seen this before - can ask my team, but regrettably I'm not the brains of the operation here. Have you tried redownloading?

I have, it didn't fix it.

Frankly, our team's a little baffled. We've theorized that it could be due to resolution or not having updated drivers/Windows Updates. What version of windows are you running?

windows 10 version 1908


Really enjoyed it!  Would love to see more.  BTW I don't mind the reading at all ;)


I loved this game. (Skip to 26:30)


I cant wait to see what other games you'll make, I really enjoyed this one.


Nice demo. Waiting for the full game.




This was pretty cool. I got distracted by the moving blinds, thinking they were the answer to a puzzle, but I finally figured it out! Thanks!


Really great game. If i wasn't stupid i would've liked it even more.


If I were you, I would not be late on your book! This is a forbidden place. Why are we even here!


Lots of reading but it was worth it!

This was such a good setup for a game! I would love to see more of this! Here's my playthrough:


Man, I wish more job interviews were like this. "You found the place! Good job, you're in!"

Then again, that'd be a huuuge red flag.


Super Fun!!! I wish it was longer. The puzzles were fun. Took me longer than I would like to admit on the second one. lol Can't wait to see the full version to this!

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What I liked about the game:

1. Very cool puzzles. I especially liked the first and the second one (after that there either were not puzzles or I solved them by mistake).

2. I very liked the idea and the story. I believe it is pretty unique.

3. I very much appreciated when main character's thoughts changed after the last room. He started commenting on things differently and that is awesome.

4. It was spooky! When I noticed that curtains constantly change - that spooked me out!

What I disliked about the game:

1. The game is very short! I can't wait for the full version!

2. I want more lore in the full game. Maybe the books itself would tell the story about the main character. That would be cool, I guess!

3. I wish there were more interactable objects. I mean the first and the 3d room seemed more filled with things then the second one. I wish during the whole gameplay the place actually seemed like a creepy spooky library filled with stuff.

Overall, very cool experience! I am waiting for more! 5/5

Btw in my playthrough it is the third game)


Hi! I just wanted to let you know that we released the full version of A Place, Forbidden a few days ago. The game is now much longer and has both more puzzles and more lore.


We'd love to hear your thoughts on it!


I will definitely check it out as soon as possible! Thanks for letting me know!


Loved the unsettlingness throughout the entire game, and the puzzles were enough to make you think without discouraging the player. 

It's the 3rd game I played in this video, at 11:56.

The game was short, good, and with good puzzles. I just wish there were a bit more puzzles that were harder. Otherwise, it's a nice exercise of the mind.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Hey, we just released the full version of this last week and the game now features new, trickier puzzles and more lore and environments. Maybe you want to give it a try!



Played this as part of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk. Very interesting, I love eldritch games like this. I enjoyed the demo; do you know when the full game will be available, or was this the entire intended experience?

There is definitely a lot more where this came from, though we don't currently have a release date set in stone. My hope is that it'll be out in the next few months, but if anyone tries to hold me to that if the full game's not out by then I will deny, deny, deny. 
Glad you liked it!


Sweeeeeeeet. I'll look forward to it. :D

I know it's been a while but we have now finished the full version of A Place, Forbidden. There's a lot of new and improved content and it's still free!


Thanks for the heads up!

Good quality, short, compact, as a Demo though? Curious where it will go

Shame it's only on Windows, I really loved your previous game. Looks cool anyway!

Ahh, sorry Brian! There's some weirdness with the way Unreal handshakes with Macs; you basically need a Mac, and have to change a bunch of settings, in order to build to Mac. If we figure out a workaround I'll let you know, but at the moment we don't have an alternate build. :(

If you need someone with a Mac to build it, then ya know, I'm here. ;p


Fun little game! Looking forward to new updates!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

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good game


I enjoyed this, thank you. Great atmosphere, and puzzles that were gentle but got the brain ticking over just enough. I'll look forward to more.


I really enjoyed this, final puzzle took me waaaay longer than it should have lol Hope to see more from this in the future with maybe a little more added to it?  Great work though thanks dev heres my gameplay hope you enjoy:


Most people get stuck for a while on either the first or the second puzzle. You were still on the quick side!

There's more content in the works so keep an eye on our social media for updates.


Awesome! Will keep an eye out.

Hello again! We just released the finished version of this a few days back. There's a lot more content to be found than in the previous demo.

If you're interested in checking the game out (it's still free!), you can find it here: https://banzaibonsai.itch.io/a-place-forbidden


Damn right i'm interested haha been a while since i played the first build cant wait to see whats changed :)


I've heard tale that the full game may or may not be considerably longer than this. I've also heard that this demo may or may not be a unique level created specifically for the PS1 demo disc. 

Whatever the case, glad you liked it!


Full Gameplay+ ENDING

Such a nice game. I like the puzzle want to see more :)) 5/5


Thanks a lot for playing and making the video!

We're working on getting the full version done so you can expect to see a lot more in the future! :)


Thank you for your efforts :)