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Your long journey through the icy wastes is finally at its end. You hope. Your eyes are heavy, but sleep does not come... there is a faint, distant memory of fire and bloodshed...

Pass through the empty, echoing halls to learn what has transpired in your long, long absence.

Made for the Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2020.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsBanzaiBonsai, DeLuca
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dark, Horror, Narrative, Singleplayer, Unreal Engine, Walking simulator


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I played this in my video and it starts at 6:30


I'm going

This was bizarre. The game felt surreal and odd, every room was confusing and weird. I enjoyed playing it but I'm not sure what the story is about. The dialogue was very cryptic and poetic. I did not really find this game scary or horror at all. It was more a walking stimulator with a light storytelling.

Your game is the second one in the video

This felt like a very artistically driven experience. I liked how poetic the main character's dialogue was. Very confused by the ending, but overall this was a great experience! Nice work! 


Yeah, I agree, it's kinda confusing. I liked the way the main character "remembers" stuff and everything... but at the end, what was it all about? Nice game design tho, I felt cold :) It's the first game in my vid. 


A very dream like game... was confused about where the bar came from and things just keep getting weird. Maybe I'm playing in some dude's memories? I couldn't figure out the theme of the game.


Great work.


Amazing game dev :D 


Hello, I played this game and I liked it, it has some interesting visuals, good work :)


Definitely weird definitely 

Time code 42:08

It is a game with a good atmosphere, I look forward to the official release, the more puzzles, the more fun


my play through here: 

It's alright the story is really confusing and I still don't get it which is really the crux of the game, so if the story isn't good the game struggles. I liked the graphics, but there's not much game play so it's really a walking simulator with a confusing story I did like the horror references on the bottles. Maybe it was supposed to be a story of isolation and madness since it had a shining reference, but I have no idea even after completing it.